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City driving caries more risk than country drivingIn most states, you are required to purchase automobile insurance before you can drive a car off the car dealer's lot. Proof of insurance is required to register your car in the state of Maine. When you purchase automobile insurance for your personal car or truck, you, your family members and friends who borrow your vehicle are covered by your insurance.

If you are stopped on a traffic violation or are involved in an accident and are driving without insurance, you will be subject to penalties specific of your state. Those penalties could include a fine and/or loss of driving privileges. If you are uninsured and in an accident that involves property damage or injuries to people, you will be required to pay out of-pocket for any damages assessed by a court. So what do you do if no insurance company will write a policy for you, yet you're required to have insurance? You will be classified as an assigned risk client and, although the costs will be quite high, you will be able to obtain insurance.

Having personal automobile insurance protects you up to predetermined limits that you and your agent determine. Auto insurance does not prevent you from being sued if you are involved in an accident. The insurance company will assist you in defending against the suit and paying any resulting damages up to the limits of your policy.

As discussed in the other sections of the Cole Harrison Insurance web site, there are major categories of insurance coverage from which you may select. The primary types of personal automobile insurance are:

  • Liability ~ bodily injury or property damage coverage
  • Comprehensive/Collision ~ Comprehensive insurance covers all damage other than that caused by a collision. Coverage may be broad enough to include flood and earthquake damage to your vehicle. Collision insurance covers damage to your car if it hits another vehicle or object or if it rolls over.
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist ~ This personal automobile insurance covers risk involved when you are involved in an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured party. In both cases, the policy brings the level of protection from $0 or minimal amounts to the maximum amount set in YOUR policy. This coverage protects you and your family members.
  • Medical Payments Insurance for Automobile Drivers ~ This insurance typically dovetails your health insurance and pays medical expenses relating to an accident for you or your family members regardless of who was at fault in the accident.
  • Rental Car Reimbursement ~ Rental Car Reimbursement provides a certain daily amount of coverage toward a rental car while your car is out of service due to an insured peril. If you cover Comprehensive Coverage and your car is stolen, rental car reimbursement is typically included in that coverage.
  • Towing Assistance ~ Towing assistance is usually stated as a set amount of miles or a labor figure if you are involved in an accident or your car is damaged by an insured peril.

Cole Harrison Insurance can assist you with your personal insurance needs for your car, truck, van or other vehicle. Please call one of our offices or use the links at left for EMAIL or QUOTES at your convenience.

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